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Singing Tuition

Amanda has trained with a wide range of celebrated singers and singing teachers, amongst them Molly Petrie, Rita McKerrow, Bridget de Courcy, Miriam Bowen and Margaret Lobo.

She is able to offer individual or group tuition, which aims to help each person to discover their own natural and comfortable singing style.

“Voices can at times be rather shy, my trick is to try and coax them out into the open in their full glory!”

Opening up the voice can make people feel very vulnerable. Amanda understands how important it is to help her pupils to feel safe and secure in trying out new techniques which may feel odd and a little uncomfortable, but which, with a little time and dedication can bring a huge sense of satisfaction, a feeling of well-being and an outlet for self-expression.

Each voice is so individual that Amanda feels it is of utmost importance to teach each pupil according to their special talents and requirements. Using an intuitive style she listens attentively to every note a pupil produces in order to suggest imaginative exercises based on her own training which will draw out the best qualitites in each voice.